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Stories Behind Chinese Idioms & Phrases Bundle (3-book)


Promotion! Three books at the price of two!

Stories Behind Chinese Idioms is a highly illustrated series features 48 Chinese idioms, all of which have a story behind them. Knowing these stories will help learners in the understanding and appreciation of the idioms, as well as give them an insight into aspects of Chinese history. The simple, concise language and numerous pictures make this series light-hearted and reader-friendly.   

Each unit in the series focuses on a particular idiom and addresses the following:

  • What does the idiom mean?
  • How do you use it?
  • What is the story behind it?
  • Other related idioms 

Chinese Phrases by Themes for Compositions - Using exciting phrases appropriately will make a piece of writing more interesting to read. However, choosing the right phrase to use might not always be an easy task. The thematic approach adopted by this book helps students select with ease the most appropriate phrase to use for a particular context.

  • Chinese phrases are categorised according to 30 themes, for example phrases about the weather, and phrases about physical appearance.
  • Over 300 Chinese phrases and 400 example sentences are presented.
  • This book is an indispensable reference for students.

This bundle includes (click to see preview):

  1. Stories Behind Chinese Idioms 成语的背后的故事 1
  2. Stories Behind Chinese Idioms 成语的背后的故事 2
  3. Chinese Phrases by Themes for Compositions 分门别类 好词妙语
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