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The Student's Guide to Chinese Words 分辨常用词语 (小学 5-6 年级)


小学五和六年级适用 | Suitable for Primary 5 & 6


注音| 华英解释 | 练习



This book is written for primary students in Singapore, and designed to address the practical concerns and needs of these students in a practical, effective, and fun way. With this systematic approach targeting the Chinese words in their syllabus, students will learn to improve their learning efficiency and be better prepared for their examinations.

Highlights 特点:
• Handy, interesting tips from everyday scenarios

• Over 100 frequently used Chinese words similar in meaning or usage

• Learn 5 ways to differentiate 40 commonly seen Chinese radicals

• Over 40 groups of Chinese words, quizzes and 10 practices exercises (answers provided)
40 多组词辨、习题与10份综合练习题(附答案)

• Chinese and English explanations

ISBN -978-981-14-5607-7 
No. of Pages -156
No. of Issues -
Brand -