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Think+ Science - 2018


The world's first ad only official magazine of The Institute for The Habits of Mind, Published by Nurture Craft, a company known for distributing and publishing quality magazines for more than 18 years.

This science and technology magazine is chock-full of thinking-based articles, games and activities with stunning pictures and images. 


  • Is in line with secondary school science curriculum 

  • Focuses on science and technology with a unique perspective on economic, social and political issues 

  • Written to provoke thinking 

  • Supported by Professor Arthur Costa's Institute for the Habits of Mind. 

  • Habits pf Mind worksheets included. 

Suitable for Ages: Age 12 onwards
Number of pages in each issue: 28 pages
No. of issues: 8 (delivered together)

Price includes local postage.

No. of Pages 28
No. of Issues 8
Brand -
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