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PSLE Weekend 2019 Speakers Profile

PSLE TALKS (Optional)

Apart from our Bookfair, we have specially prepared a series of PSLE related talks by content experts. Each session includes:
- 2.5h of talks about PSLE
- Talk handouts
- Writing material

To understand the selection of PSLE books better, you should attend at least one session to understand overview and important points to note on PSLE syllabus and tips on choosing and how to use the books effectively, accompanied with PSLE content topics by 2 subject experts per session.

Hui Juan, Founder of OpenSchoolbag

With over 5 years of experience in education business, advising parents how to select the right suite of enrichment materials to help their children ace PSLE, she has derived the winning formula for every child based on their needs. When she is not working on her computer, she is flipping through newly released books for quality books. She believes that the winning formula should be calibrated for every child. Hear from her on how to derive the winning formula for your child and the important changes in 2019.  She will also be sharing useful tips on PSLE Past Year Papers and recommended titles for PSLE.

Mr Teo Kai Meng, Founder of Kainetik Math  

Kai Meng founded Kainetik Math with the vision of revolutionizing the learning of mathematics in Singapore, motivated by his observations that too many students often failed to grasp and apply the first principles of the subject.

With the belief that every primary student can enjoy learning math without feeling confused by the existing long list of methods, Kai Meng created the MAX Method for PSLE math, a universal method for solving word problems. He has published the MAX Method in his PSLE Math Mastery online course, and in Math Whizz 6, a book which he co-authored with renowned author Ms Loh Cheng Yee.

Mr Alvin Kuek, Academic Director at Mind Stretcher

An ex-RI & RJC scholar, as well as a Kuok Foundation University Scholar, Alvin has taught hundreds of GEP & mainstream students at the PSLE level in the past 12 years. His engaging style makes him a much sought-after speaker for various education seminars at numerous tertiary institutions and business organisations. 

Mind Stretcher has been providing quality enrichment programmes to students in Singapore since its establishment in 2002 through innovative and effective pedagogies. Their stellar track record in producing top students has made them the education centre of choice for many parents. Over the past 10 years, more than 5,000 Mind Stretcher students had scored at least 250 in the PSLE, and more than 500 students had qualifed for the GEP. As the subject experts for English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing & Chinese, they believe that they can be your trusted education partner in nurturing your child in his/her learning journey, be it at the PRE-SCHOOL, PRIMARY or SECONDARY levels.

Mr Cedric Chai, Principal of Science Heuristics

Mr Chai is a NIE-trained teacher with numerous years of experience as the  Head of Department for Science with the Ministry of Education as well as Assistant Supervisor of  PSLE Science Marking.   

He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Merit - National Institute of Education) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Structural - Nanyang Technological University).  As a Head of Department for Science, Cedric was nominated for the President’s Award for his outstanding performance and contributions to students’ learning.  He has been exclusively featured in several parenting and education related magazines as well as invited to speak at teaching and learning conferences.

He conducts several teaching and learning workshops for teachers and parents on top of coaching numerous students in many high profile award-winning National Competitions and delivered Quality results (A and A*) in Science for both the schools and students taught by him.  Today, he is engaged in the writing of educational books, and specialise in coaching students to master the skills required in achieving quality results in Science.

Ms Samantha, Trainer at Pivotal Learning

With a background in psychology and education, and 8 years of facilitation and training experience, Samantha has worked with children and youth, as well as teachers. She is a full-time trainer at Pivotal Learning and takes interest in creating platforms to help youth learn more effectively.

Pivotal Learning is set up to empower educators, facilitators and trainers with “PIVOTAL” skills that enable a Learner-Centered Learning Environment to achieve its vision of LEARNERS FIRST. It conducts workshops for corporates and schools, focused on specific, practical and hands-on strategies as well as techniques that are research-based, classroom tested and brain-compatible.

Ms Nora, Tutor at Lil' but Mighty 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the National University of Singapore and later receiving her Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Ms Nora started her journey as an English educator in 1998. Having taught children of various abilities at both the primary and secondary school levels for the past 18.5 years, Ms Nora has a clear understanding of the English syllabus and requirements of the various national examinations in Singapore's education system. Her rich teaching experience allows her to refine her teaching practices according to the changes implemented in the English syllabus at various points in her teaching career.

She continuously develop strategies that will help children to break down and master the various components of the language easily. Ms Nora hopes to equip her students not only with the necessary examination skills but also to develop them into thinking, creative individuals.

Lil' but Mighty is a boutique learning centre that specialises in English education for Primary school children. Through its own unique strategies and a step-by-step approach in teaching, it hopes to prepare children for English assessment in school and for English usage in the real world.

Mr Gan, Founder of Newton Apple Learning Hub & COO of Mavis Tutorial

  • 6 years experience as a school teacher/ HOD and 13 years experience coaching mathematics to students and teachers.
  • Reviewer of mathematics textbooks
  • Written PSLE mathematics revision guide
  • Conducted workshops for Teachers in Mathematics problem solving
  • Currently managing Newtonapple and Deputy COO of Mavis tutorial group.

Mr Kang Jian, Curriculum Specialist, Mind Stretcher

  • M.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Nan Jing University, China
    B. A. in Chinese language and Literature, Tianjin Normal University
  • Former MOE SAP School teacher
  • “O” Level Chinese Examiner 
  • More than 15 years teaching experience in Singapore and China 

Mr Roger See, Founder and Director of Singapore Learning Mind

Mr Roger is the founder and director of Singapore Learning Mind Pte Ltd which provides brain development programmes to children through various subjects’ application such as Science. He is a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) timeline & hypnotherapy practitioner approved by American of NLP, USA. 

He is also a qualified trainer with Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) as well as being the ONLY trainer in Singapore to be certified as a licensed instructor of Tony Buzan in both Mind Mapping and Memory Techniques. 

Singapore Learning Mind specialises in the area of “Character and Cognitive Skills Development” by nurturing learners with the correct learning mindset while providing them with the fun and enriching experience in learning. They are serious in their work of an educator and they only provide dedicated and committed trainers to their participants. They cultivate their certified trainers with passion to go forth and meet beyond their clients’ demands in the most suitable approach.

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