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PSLE Weekend 2020 Speakers Profile

Ms Hui Juan, Founder, OpenSchoolbag

As a founder of OpenSchoolbag, Hui Juan spends her time going through books, picking up unique content and structure of good assessment books since 2013. Through her years of interacting with parents, publishers and educators, she will be sharing her experience and making recommendations for PSLE preparation.

Areas/ Focus:

  • Understanding key components of PSLE paper by subject
  • Spotting key areas that are most mark-costly or maximum potential to score
  • Highlighting how similar books can be used differently for effective revision
  • Recommendations of books for different learning needs
  • Pointing out uses of PSLE past year papers.

 At OpenSchoolbag, we believe that picking the right books is the most important.

Ms Louisa Mew, Acel Learning

Ms Louisa Mew is the director of Acel Learning (S) Pte. Ltd.  With over ten years’ experience in the publishing industry, she takes a keen interest in developing content to help children improve their English and Chinese. She has worked with numerous educators and writers and has published quality content used by both schools and parents.


Acel Learning publishes quality content for the learning of the English language and the Chinese language. Our content is skills-based, ranging from grammar to writing. We believe that learning can be both meaningful and enjoyable. With this in mind, we are constantly seeking new methods to present our content in a reader-friendly way.


  • Why learn Synthesis and Transformation
  • What is Synthesis and Transformation
  • Common errors
  • Types of questions
  • Resources for learning Synthesis and Transformation

Mr Cedric Chai, Principal, Science Heuristics

  • A. Supervisor Marking, PSLE Science
  • PSLE Chief Invigilator
  • Nominated - President’s Award
  • HOD Science, MOE
  • B. Engineering(Civil), NTU
  • Featured: Newspapers; Radio; TV.
  • Author - SG 1st Answering Tech. Bk


  • Common pitfalls in PSLE Science Paper
  • Step-by-step with LiSC approach
  • Crafting complete, precise and accurate answers

Mr Sky Tan, Author

Mr. Sky Tan holds a Masters in Education (NIE) and is an experienced tutor. He is one of the first book authors to focus on the methodology of solving a wide range of challenging math problem sums tested in schools today. He is also the author of the articles "Primary School Ranking" and "Secondary School Ranking" since 2004.

 Areas/ topics:

  • Overview of PSLE Math
  • Why you should not pray for an easy paper
  • Strategies for studying
  • Sample problem solving strategies for actual PSLE challenging question
  • Secret math problem solving hacking techniques revealed

Mrs Linda Koh, Author, Heuristics Science

Heuristics Science was founded by Mrs Linda Koh in 2018. An ex teacher with the MinIstry of Education (MOE). Linda has been teaching Science since 1998. Through her years of teaching, she observed how the science questions baffled any students.

 In fact, 75% of students found Science to be the most difficult paper in a recent PSLE poll. In 2014, Mrs Koh took a major leap to publish her first book on Science Answering Techniques and the second book in 2019. The books received overwhelming responses as it made its way into the book list of many schools. Being the pioneer in publishing her techniques, Mrs Koh impacted a generation of students who applied the technique; producing desired results. To further bridge the gap, Mrs Koh designed and ran classes that delivered the TCR science answering technique programme.

 With a slew of enquiries on the breakthrough TCR technique, Heuristic Science continues its efforts in building a system that caters an all-round support for students

Mrs Deepa C. , Author of DRJ series

Areas/ Topics:

  1. Composition
    • Why content is more important than language - based on the opinion of school teachers.
    • Simple, realistic, Singaporean stories
    • SHORTCUT to richer language in compo
    • SHORTCUT for compo practice


  1. Comprehension Open-ended
    • To 'lift / rephrase' - mystery solved, once and for all.
    • Writing the reason for the 'True / False' questions

Ms Tan Ying Hui, Victoria Publications

Ms Ying Hui is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from NUS, currently managing Curriculum planning and Business Development as one of the Directors at Victoria and Raffles Publications.


Victoria Publications has been established since 1988 and have more than 30 years experiencing in publishing Primary and Secondary levels assessment and guidebooks. Specializing in publishing Chinese Language Assessment and Guidebooks, the publishing team have a strong focus for Oral and Composition writing, and is the pioneering publisher to produce a series of professionally filmed videos for the latest video-conversation component in Oral Examination. Victoria Publication’s sister company Raffles Publications specializes in publishing English Language Guidebooks.



The session will primarily focus on providing students and parents with frame-works to provide step-by-step guides for students to answer in a structured manner during both oral and composition examination. Parents and students will also gain understanding on ‘How to use our guidebooks’ most effectively.


  1. Chinese Oral Examination: The session will also provide screening of PSLE Chinese Oral Examination simulated video clips, for parents and students to preview samplers of Video Conversation videos to better understand the syllabus requirements. Guided framework on how best to approach examiners prompts will also be covered.


  1. English Oral Examination: The session will discuss Examiners’ weightage and key assessment guidelines of the English Oral Examination. It will showcase samplers of stimulus based images for parents and students to gain in-depth understanding on how to approach the stimulus based conversation component in a step-by-step structured frame-work.

  2. Composition Writing: Short tips on how to master Chinese and English Composition writing will also be shared.

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