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About Us

OpenSchoolbag is the complete one-stop store for quality education materials and resources for children aged 2 to 18. Based in Singapore and the only complete e-commerce platform for education materials and resources, we are an experienced and responsive wholesale distributor and retailer of a wide range of educational children toys, enrichment and assessment books.

Our education materials and resources are for pre-school to secondary levels which include: 
  • Learning toys and Manipulatives
  • Storybooks
  • Assessment Books and Guides 
  • Enrichment Magazines 
  • Ten Year Series  

Serving the Singapore Market

Our range of products aim to provide high educational value with affordable prices to suit the needs of parents and children. We carry over 15 brands of learning toys from international distributors who are experienced in children development. The wide range of products develop growing children from the age of 2 to pre-schoolers in the areas of motor skills, sensory skills and cognitive skills.

 For the school-going children, our wide selection of enrichment and assessment books consists more than 1,000 titles from established publishers who contribute to Singapore’s leading education system in the South East Asia region. Our books are carefully selected to ensure that they complement Singapore’s education system and provide enrichment value to school children. In addition, our selection also facilitates parents and tutors in teaching school-going children through guided solutions and easy-to-understand notes.

Serving the South East Asia Region and International Markets

Capitalising on the leading Singapore education system in the South East Asia region, our education specialists provide sourcing solutions to the South East Asia region to meet the needs of the various education systems.

As an established e-commerce platform, we serve customers who value quality education products in the South East region and internationally. Our products have been shipped widely to the South East Asia region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines , Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Some of our corporate clients include international schools, retailers and wholesalers.  


Overseas Distributors & Retailers

We are expanding and looking for reliable partners to complement our strong network of established publishers and distributors. For collaboration opportunities, please get in touch with us here.

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