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Reward Points


  1. All accumulated OSB points will be automatically credited to your account
  2. To utilize your OSB points, you may select to apply them at checkout.
  3. There is no restriction on the number of points you can apply in each order and type of products. (meaning you can use them even on sale items or to offset your shipping fee!).


Terms and Conditions

  1. Your OSB points have a validity of 6 months. There is strictly no extension for expired OSB points.
  2. OSB points are accumulated based on your order amount before shipping fee and after any applicable discounts.
  3. Your order amount will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar to determine the number of OSB points accumulated. For instance, your order amount is S$82.60 (before shipping fee). You will accumulate 82 OSB points for this order.
  4. OSB points cannot be applied after orders are placed.
  5. During sale period, OSB points may not be awarded or redeemed.


Once you have sufficient points for redemption, you will see your reward discounts at checkout:

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