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14 Ways To Enrich Your Kids For A Fulfilling Year End Holiday!

Picture credits to Kidisquare

Thinking of how to enrich your child's learning and experience this coming year end break? Let OpenSchoolbag do the planning for you. A wide range of programmes, courses, workshops and camps await your child over the holidays. No matter what your kid is like, for those that are too energetic, for those that enjoys intellectual challenges, for the creative hands, we have got everything sorted out for you!



Bring Out The Performer

Thinking of picking up a new musical instrument or trying out a role in a play? Always wonder how it is like at the School of the Arts, and whether there is this bit of artistic flair in your kid? This is worth a try for the serious kids who are strong in numbers and logic, give them a chance to explore the creative nature in them!




1. Pick Up Music

Charisma Music Loft conduct Beginner Fun Courses for Ukulele, Guitar and Piano. What’s more, your child get to bring some instruments home too!


2. Get Dramatic

Stage for Kids Global (previously known as Psychologie Playhouse) will expose your child to all aspects of a drama. From welcome greetings, social brainstorms, discussions, dramatizations, hands-on creations, movement and dance, learning songs, presentations and more. Even better, MOE’s STELLAR program has been integrated in this camp.



Nuture The Creative Mind




3.  Play Clay!

G1.2 Learning Centre offers a series of clayart courses. Look forward to bringing your beautiful masterpieces home after each session. How about modelling Peppa, the Cheeky Pig?


4.  Be An Animator

Wonder how animation is created? You can make your very own animation. Be the story creator, director and producer. Brainlight Edu Centre will guide you through all steps to produce a Stop Motion Animation.


5.  Design Fun

Artz Graine lets you be a designer for a day! Learn to create your own designs using advanced softwares. There is a theme for each session, including Pop-Art and our all-time favourite – SuperHeroes!



Burn Off The Energy

Kids have bundle of energy to spare. If you are thinking of nudging your studious child for something more sporty and adventurous, we have just the right courses for you!


Picture Credits to A2 Movements

6. Kids Parkour Training

A2 Movements conduct Kids Parkour Training to let you discover how to move and have fun correctly and learn to navigate the environment. Fly around those big steps at SMU!


7. Scuba Diving Discovery Course

Ever wonder how it feels like to move and breathe freely underwater? Sunny Cove is conducting a Scuba Diving Discovery Course under supervision of professional and experienced instructors. Rig up, kids!


8. Kungfu Time!

Ch’i Life promotes positive energies by incorporating disciplined training with practical and fun applications. Classes are conducted in comfortable size so members receive personal attention. Sign up for a Kungfu Kids class today!



Encourage Personal Development

Looking for programmes to enhance your child's interpersonal or soft skills? Here are some life skills courses that you may be interested in.



9. Life Skills Camps

Four Day Life Skills - Recreational, Educational and Therapeutic Camp exposes your child to leadership skill building, emotions management, decision-making, self-regulation methods and problem solving skills. Exciting activities include whale-watch, sand castle building, beach picnic, cooking, dance therapy and more.


10. Manners & Etiquette Camp

Molly Manners Holiday Camp is a complete camp on manners and etiquette for kids covering table manners, social behaviour, appreciation and sportsmanship. Camps conducted by age groups to cater to learners better.


11. Self-Development & Social Skills Course

The course focuses on peer learning and interaction, self-confidence and public speaking skills. Courses are conducted with high trainer to student ratio, so participants will have ample opportunities to take up leadership roles, work in teams and interact with peers of their age.



Prepare for Next Year

Want your kid to get a head start in the next year? Check out these comprehensive programmes.



12. The Next Level – Sec 1 Math & Science Camp

The PSLE graduates will be going from 4 examinable subjects to 8 or 9 examinable subjects. The 2 subjects that they normally have trouble settling into are Mathematics and Science. Get a head start in the next level’s syllabus. 4 days of in and out of classroom activities that follow methods of Flip Learning.


13. Let’s Flip! Learning

This is a learning program that introduces flip learning, problem based learning and inquiry based learning to the students. Ever thought of learning Mathematics and Science by taking rides at Universal Studios Sentosa? This is happening in this program!


14. Learning Lower Sec Science through Experiments

Science may be better learnt through doing than reading. This preparatory course will give you a hands-on preview on what will come in next year’s Science syllabus.


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