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4 Online/Mobile Homework Help Apps For Students

Over the last few years, technological advances have made it possible for us to take learning to the next level. From e-learning platforms in MOE schools to private online tuition lessons, students have a lot more exposure to learning from anywhere at anytime.

Baffled and tired of trying to solve your child’s homework during the home-based learning/ work from home period? Fear no more! Here are four online / mobile homework help apps that may help.


1) Snapask

Snapask is a mobile app that allows students to ask questions with a snapshot and then matches them with a tutor within seconds to have a 1-on-1 instant learning session. Snapask currently have over 3 million students with more than 350,000 tutors in 8 countries in Asia — Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Korea. 

Upon sign up, you will get a free token to raise a question. Subsequently, you can purchase tokens to ask more questions, or purchase QA sessions /Mini class for an in-depth explanation of concept(s).

Subjects available: English, Maths and Sciences 

Levels: Primary, Secondary, JC 


2) Miao – AI Math Homework Solver

Established in 2016, Miao – AI Math Homework Solver is an educational aggregator that uses AI to help students solve their homework questions. After the student has upload a photo of the homework questions, the app will churn out 2 types of results:

1) Solutions to other similar questions for better understanding

2) Suggested online readings on the topic of the question

Such results are meant to help the student adopt a more independent and self-directed learning towards solving homework questions. 

Subjects available: Maths with specialities in Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics etc.

Levels: Primary, Secondary, JC1


3) ask.manytutors

Established in 2016, ask.manytutors allows students to upload a photo of the homework question and post it either on their website or app. The question(s) can be answered by any of the 45,000 tutors in their database or the online ask.manytutors community. Students who are confident may also answer other unanswered questions posted on the platform. Subsequently, the solution will be emailed to the student.

New users can get to ask their first question for free. For subsquent questions, monthly subscription plans are available starting from SGD 29.98 per month.

Subjects available: English, Chinese, Maths, Sciences and Humanities

Levels: Primary, Secondary, JC, International Baccalaureatte 


We certainly hope that this list is helpful in getting the right help for you! The global pandemic has changed the human-to-human interaction and has also impacted the way students learn. While parents are coping with changes at work, school-going children are also striving to keep up with changes in their studies. These online or app based help will reduce some workload for you while your child is doing their home-based learning next to you as you work from home. The next challenge would be: how can you balance getting needed help from being too reluctant on them?

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