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5 Simple Things Children Want … From You

Believe it or not, your child does not have to have the latest toys and gadgets to be happy. In fact, less is probably more when it comes to raising your children. Your children want simple things from you that they may not even know they want. However, when they don’t have them, they may show it by displaying behaviour that is not acceptable.



Children typically want to share how they feel about their parents through physical affection. They want hugs and kisses many times during the day. Give your child the affection he needs to help him build a strong bond with you. A strong bond with you will lead to better social relationships for your child in the future.



Children’s confidence can be built up by giving them specific compliments on how they behave. Give your child a compliment such as; “I like how you practised the song again without me having to remind you.” This reinforces positive behaviour.


Materials to Build and Create

Children’s imagination lend themselves perfectly to the building and creating of wonderful toys and playthings. Boxes, beads, glue, sticks and more. Anything you can give your child that will encourage him to construct what he sees in his imagination, is going to be a hit.



Credits: www.learningandexploringthroughplay com

Build that fort out of the cardboard box you set aside for your daughter to play with, with her. Spend time with her each day doing something of interest to her to demonstrate that you think her pursuits and interests are valuable, just like your own are. Carve at least half an hour to an hour out of each day to spend with her.



An important element of a child’s sense of security is consistency. Consistency takes many forms; expectations of behaviour, consequences for misbehaviour, consistency in caregivers, home environment, daily routine, etc. Children thrive on knowing what to expect and do on routine. The more you can provide a predictable daily existence for your child, the easier it is for your child to behave well because she knows what is expected of her and what her day will look like.


Hang on, don’t put off the trip to the Universal Studios or Toys “R” Us yet! Along with the simple things that your child would want from you, a little positive reinforcement or reward never hurts. So yes, your child probably deserves the treat – but give her a hug and a kiss first!

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