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5 Special Theme Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore

We noticed there are a lot of new indoor children playgrounds in Singapore recently, keeping us in suspense on how it looks like inside behind the colourful walls! Besides the usually safe playing environment which prevents bruises and hard knocks against the solid ground and the possibility of getting sun burned in the outdoor playgrounds, these playgrounds promise great fun with educational value! Presenting those that caught our eyes...

1. Craft & Baking – Fidgets at the Grandstand 

Credits to www.supermommy.com.sg

Creatively put playground and café together. For parents looking for sit-down time for your precious one to do some crafts or baking, consider Fidgets! Remember to snap a picture of your precious one in that tall chef hat and the apron! Party packages available too!


2. Jungle & the Space – Amazonia at Great World City Mall

A combination of Star Wars and Tarzan, the perfect education for science and nature! Large scale play gym in Jungle and Space Ball themes. Imagine how a child can WOW at what they see and play! Mummies & Daddies, get ready to be tempted to join your little one!


3. Very Sensory! – Fun@Giggles at Marine Parade Central

Always curious, eager to touch and feel?  Fun@Giggles offers a multi-sensory room and Water Wonderland. Allow your little one to be develop their motors in a safe indoor environment. The Water Wonderland gives the little one a good chance to play with water and learn about the science of how water flows and what objects can float or sink! Don’t belittle the small stuff, they go a long way in developing the kids’ ability in psychomotor skills!


Credits to https://sengkangbabies.com/


4. Like Lego? – Kaboodle at Katong Square

If you like building with Lego, you will like this place! Free play of giant form blocks to let your little one create and build. There are limitless things he or she can make out of safe crates, loose parts and blocks. Ask them the difference between a castle and a house, and get them to describe the shapes they use! Budding architects in the house!

Credits to https://www.littledayout.com/


5. Lifestyle Play – The City at Liang Court

An idea we really adore! Imagine letting your little one learn through play what adults go through every day! Interesting “Learning Stations” that mimic supermarket, clinic, post office. Expose them to what the postman usually does and how the cashier at the supermarket dispenses change. The fastest way to learn about the different types of work and people in a city!

Credits to https://www.sassymamasg.com/

We hope that you enjoyed our recommendations! Share with us in the comments below if you know of any other indoor playgrounds in Singapore.

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