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5 Tips to Choose Books for Toddlers

Further to our earlier article on How to Get Your Child to Love Reading, we take another step further to share on what to look out for when selecting books for your toddlers. We all know that no book is a bad book, yet at the same time you are spoilt for choice with the many colourful pictures and bold fonts shouting at you.

If you are new to book selection for your toddler, here are some tips.

1. Knowledge as wide as the universe

There is no boundaries and limits to knowledge. At a young age, children should be exposed to many things in order to have room for imagination and trigger curiosity. Remember the time when encyclopedias are the first books that children ever read? It is still the same now. While we live in an ever changing way, some science will always be facts. The sun will always rise from the east and set in the west isn’t it?


2. Questions that tick your mind

The human brain is wired to naturally respond to questions. Try looking for books that asks questions to prick the brain. The children are bound to be forever hungry for knowledge. Even in your daily conversations, rather than giving them the answer to why is the minute hand longer than the hour hand, ask them why and be amazed at how creative they can be with their answers!


3. How to say it in multiple ways

At a young age, the child is developing the ability to communicate. While actions are more intuitive when it comes to expressing oneself, it is important to start building a reservoir of vocabulary so that the child can express himself. So, rather than asking on a scale of 1 to 10, how painful his tummy is, the child can describe the pain as ‘throbbing pain’ or ‘stinging pain’? Helps better with diagnosing his problem isn’t it?

4. A picture speaks a thousand words

We are all born into a visual world before we know how to put words to the expressions that are used. It is common to see that a lot of books for the children come with lots of pictures. These actually make good conversation starters too. Practice for oral examinations start early!

Here are some of the books that we recommend to kickstart your toddler's reading journey:

5. Family bonding as a key outcome

No matter how fanciful the book is, filled with pictures, loaded with vocabulary and mind boggling questions, there still needs someone to read to the kid. This is no matter done by the immediate family. Reading time is bonding time. Imagine how much learning you can put into the process through the animated reading and the conversations that come out of it.

Yet, you get great value and learning you never imagined. Tell me, when do smart phones exist? Yes, not only for your kids, but your saviour answer book to the 1,001 questions that your kids ask!


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