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6 Factors that Determine a Child's Character and Personality

Many influences will help mould your child into the adult he will become. As a parent, it is important to be aware of these factors and to shape them as much as possible to help your child become the best person he can be.


Nature – Born with it

Your child’s innate personality is probably one of the most important factors that determine his/her character or personality. Some children are naturally more outgoing than others, for example. Some are more observant than others. Each child has strengths and weaknesses with which he was born that contribute to his/her personality and character.


Nurture – Parents’ Expectations

The environment in which your child grows up also affects his/her final character or personality. If you run a very strict household and have high expectations of your child, for instance, you can expect your child to reflect those traits and to have high demands of himself/herself.


Entertainment & Media Exposure

The cartoons your child watches on TV or iPad, the movies he watches, the T-shirts with cartoon characters on them you buy for him/her to wear…… All of these media outlets contribute to the values that your child will incorporate into his adult self. Carefully monitor the input from the media your child receives, and teach him to handle information that may not be morally correct or true from your viewpoint.


Teachers & Mentors

When your child begins school, he will learn more than just Maths and reading from the teachers. He will learn how to behave from that teacher, just like he has done by watching you. The teacher plays an important role in his life by modeling behaviors and characteristics your child may emulate.


Peers, Friends & Playmates

Your child’s friends are going to play an essential role in determining his final personality and character. While your child may possess a strong personality that either leads others or can easily withstand peer pressure, influences from your child’s friends will inevitably help form his opinions about himself, others, and the wider world.


You, Parents

You, as your child’s parents, play the most important role in determining your child’s character and personality. The behaviors that you teach or model will inevitably become part of your child’s life.

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