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6 ways to involve your child in spring cleaning

What’s a preparation for Chinese New Year without the Spring Cleaning ritual? Much as we always try to keep our house neat and tidy, our busy schedules made it so tough. No more excuses this time! The Chinese believe that everything in the house must be thoroughly cleaned to welcome the New Year. This is the perfect time to introduce this tradition and culture to the little ones to remind them the importance of keeping the house clean!

As we watch parents drag their feet to start the spring cleaning, we are here to present you some tips to involve the little ones. We hope it will make the process a more enjoyable one for everyone and, of course, get your little ones to start good habits early. Need we say more? They will think twice before they throw their socks everywhere the next time!

The 6 ways to involve them include:

There’s more! Spring cleaning can be fun and provides a good bonding time as a family.


1. Bring some music! 左手锣,右手

Sing and dance to some New Year songs and feel the festive mood instantly!


2. Creativity competition

Don’t let the unwanted stuff go to waste. Put them together and see what creative objects you can come up with! This is a good opportunity to encourage recycling.


3. Race & challenge each other

Who can find more coins? Who can finish fold the clothes faster? Who can spot more unused items? Reward the little ones accordingly to make the cleaning experience a pleasant one.


4. Fashion walkway in the living room

Come up with the most outrageous and crazy outfit with a tightfitting shirt and a pair of long pants that reach the knees. It’s a good time for silly laughs but yet encourage the habit of wise spending.

If the clothes are too good to be thrown, give them away to someone who can still use or donate them.


Have a good time cleaning up!


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