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7 things to look forward to when your child is entering Primary 1

The leap from kindergarten to a primary school is often mixed with a number of emotions. From anxiety to excitement, it is not known who goes through a spiral of fluctuating moods more. Okay let’s be honest, we know it’s the parents who are more excited over their children reaching this milestone!

For now, let’s look at what the kids can be enthusiastic about!


New friends!

While some children will be sad to leave their friends from kindergarten, they will no doubt make new friends when they start their adventure in a primary school. With a bigger class size, their social circle also grows. And just like how they make friends easily in the playground, they’ll have recess-time buddies who play football or catching together!


New uniforms!

Uniforms are not something new to kids. From playschool to kindergarten, they’ve had a few good years wearing uniforms. When they make the transition to primary school, they get not just one set, but two! Your child gets his usual school uniform along with the PE attire. Now they can look forward to wearing a “big boy” or a “big girl” uniform. No idea on why kids love the idea of growing up so fast though – the opposite can be said for the parents!


New school gear!

A new school bag with your child’s favourite cartoon character on it? Sure! Matching water bottle, pencil case, stationeries like pencils, erasers and rulers? Yes please! There is a joy in seeing your child getting all excited over a school bag and writing instruments – quite like our excitement over the latest handbag or wallet!



Oh the excitement of choosing a CCA! With so many clubs, sports teams and uniformed groups, your child will be spoilt for choice. You could play to his strengths and get him into a sport he is good in or you can expose him to other areas that he might be interested in.



In primary school, your child learns to buy food in the canteen by himself, after the initial stage of having a buddy to help him. He is able to buy books or stationeries in the bookshop and gets entrusted with more responsibilities such as being a subject representative or the class monitor.



Like they say, variety is the spice of life. And where else can you get a variety of choices but in the canteen? Your child will have the liberty to choose what he gets to eat each day (mee siam, fishball noodles or a sandwich? Decisions, decisions..!) and sometimes nothing makes a child happier than to make choices by himself!


PE lessons!

Kids are balls of energy (yes, we see you nodding your heads!). We can’t just stick them to a desk and expect them to stay focused. That’s where Physical Education lessons come in. For a short period each week, your child gets to keep fit in a fun way while learning new games. And most of us can attest to this; nothing brings kids closer than running around having fun and trying to outdo each other on the field or court!

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These are just a few of the aspects to look forward to when your child is entering primary school. The adventure doesn’t just stop there though. There are lots more milestones that he will pass – competitions and awards that he will win, participating in performances, being excited over birthday parties that he’ll be invited to and more. And no matter what he goes through, how his day was, he’ll come home all eager to share his experiences with you and that is one of the many joys of parenting.


The proud moment: 

When you see your child step into school


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