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9 Children Programmes that you never knew existed!

1. Social Etiquette

The class that we pay for to dress for the right occasion, use the right set of cutlery from outside in, making eye contact and giving a firm handshake. Don’t you always wish that you learnt that earlier so you could have impressed your dream girl or aced the first interview? There! We got the version for the kids! Having problems teaching your child how to behave and present in public places?  This is definitely a worthy investment that goes a long way!

Molly Manners believes in teaching good manners, etiquette and social skills to boys and girls ages three to 16 during school holidays. Check out their class for this June holidays!

Etiquette & Image International has gracefully put manners, etiquette and image development together. Their certified trainers have conducted countless trainings for adults and are also preparing the younger ones early! In case they forget, every junior attendee gets to bring home an activity book!


2. Fencing

There are fencing centres catered just for your little ones. Fencing is believed to provide physical and cognitive benefits. Fencers learn good sportsmanship, self-discipline, quick reflexes while making attack in split seconds. Some studies have also showed that fencing helps children to focus better. You child can start fencing as young as four!

Zfencing believes in starting fencing young. They conduct classes, by age groups, for children ages four onwards. Class duration varies with age group, with progressive curriculum. Like Taekwondo, fencing has a grading system.

Modern Fencing provides a family-friendly environment that makes little starters more comfortable. Parents are welcomed to watch (yay!) Trial classes are available at special prices. Try it out today!


3. Scuba Diving

Have you always marvelled at the wonders of the deep blue sea? A beach holiday with a dive as a yearly affair? Ever thought of sharing the passion with your little one but not sure how to teach them from the basics of breathing? Start from Scuba Diving at the age of 10!

Sunny Cove’s Discover Scuba program allows you to experience the thrill of diving in the swimming pool with close supervision from professional and experienced instructors. All it takes is just a few hours of a day. If your child loves it, he/she is ready to try out diving in the open in the neighbouring seas! 


4. Mixed Martial Arts

Please do not be taunted by the term “mixed martial arts”. There are actually a lot of benefits in this sport, like many other sports. The health benefits involved outweighs the risk of harm from injury.  It is not violent as many thought it to be. In fact, children who train in martial arts are less violent than those who don’t. Can we say all the kids who start in school have martial arts background? No.

Ch’life conducts a range for martial arts courses. The studio promotes disciplined training with practical and fun applications, all in comfortable and positive environment. What we really like is they actually have parent-child Kungfu class! Imagine sparring with your child?

(Did you spot a familiar face in the picture?)

DFX Martial Arts stood out among the other centres with their strong beliefs that mixed martial arts is very beneficial for children, not only for practical health reasons but also the values they can learn in the sport. During trainings, children learn to be:

  • Respectful, from respecting their master and opponents
  • Disciplined, instil a sense of concentration and focus during training
  • Self-confident at a young age, through setting goals during trainings


5. Pottery

Clay is a wonderful, tactile medium that many children have never experienced before. Its three nature forces them to think of how to create structures, shapes and forms out of them. There is empowerment in the process, encouraging children to solve problems and experiment. The most amazing part is the calming effect in the activity. Not just an adult thing.


Clayclove has a range of Pottery classes for children of different ages, starting from 3 years old. Remember to check out the Parent & Child Bonding session as well!

Contemporary Clay Studio, founded by Potters, conducts children clay classes by trained instructors to make simple things like cups, bowls and tiles.


6. 3D Printing

Be ahead of times! Your child can do 3D printing as well. Imagine making their creative sketches and drawings real. Experience working in teams and go through the process of designing to printing.

Credits to https://www.makeblock.com/

Saturday Kids believes in making it fun and engaging for kids in well-rounded education in computational thinking that is more meaningful than simply playing with gadgets. They have also conducted numerous trainings in many schools.


7. Robotics

See an engineer in the making? Some schools may offer robotics in their curriculum and definitely there are countless benefits that support their decisions. A very practical channel to train logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking. This ability is required not only in critical science fields, but a lot other professional areas as well.

Read more about Worklab and Bricks4kidz for details. Programmes are designed with theory and practical component in the model building. You can expect children to develop social skills during team challenges built in the programmes.


8. Financial & Money Sense

Start making plans to save your pocket. It is never too early to start inculcating financial literacy in your little one.

Credits to AIA Malaysia (tps://www.aia.com.my)

MoneyTree  runs programmes for children ages six and above. Through story telling and interactive in-class games, the trainers introduce the concepts of saving and buying.  At the next level, they introduce more complex concepts like investments and inflation. Experience the concepts of mini economy built in their programme! Sounds exciting!


9. Personal Training

Personal trainer for your little one? It is possible! In fact, there are a few centres offering such courses. Their health is your greatest wealth!

Credits to Expat Living / Power Kids Gym (https://expatliving.sg/)

Gym n Tonic offers training to children from 8 years onwards. Each program is tailored to the child’s needs and situation. Programmes may range from weight gain to weight loss, or for those who need to take their performance to next level.

Credits of all graphics back to respective play centres, unless otherwise stated.


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