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Activities for Daddies and Daughters

There is a sweet smile to every girl that melts the daddy’s heart. Daddies will always want to protect the girl in tender loving ways. And we scratch our heads on how to bring together the ruggard daddy and the princessy girl!

Let’s take a look at the things to do in Singapore for daddy and girl!

1. Walk the dog

If you have a dog, take a nice walk with it together while you chat away the day.  It has been proven that pets have a therapeutic effect on humans, and provide a chance for daddy to teach girl to show compassion and care! If you are considering to adopt a dog, be sure to find out from Sassy Mama Guide to Adopting a Dog in Singapore if you are ready. Alternatively, consider being a volunteer at the animal shelters around Pasir Ris Farmway that is a good morning activity on Sundays! A good choice for volunteer work in Singapore is Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS) or Save Our Street Dogs (SoSD).


2. Build a sandcastle

Put the creativity to the test with the sandcastles! Get rugged at the East Coast Park with your shovels and moulds! Not too much water lest the sand gets too hard, and too little water makes the sand too loose. Good way to teach building techniques! The National Parks Board promotes sandcastle building done through the Castle Beach, a non-profit organization. Find out more!


3. Go to an indoor playground

With a ready playground for you, no worries about what to play! The daddy gets a chance to indulge in childhood memories too. Some of the indoor playgrounds offer parent-child activities where playtime is bonding time too. There are many choices for indoor playground in Singapore. An example is the SAFRA Kidz Amaze and Jurong and Toa Payoh. Find out more from our earlier article on 5 Special Theme Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore and Singapore’s best indoor playgrounds compiled by WackyDuo.


4. Solve a mystery 

And have you heard the latest yet? The real experience of solving mysteries through clues in a room! Check out the Roomraider! Located at Orchard Central, you are given a certain amount of time to solve the mystery in the room based on clues to set yourself free! Choose from 6 escape room games! Guaranteed a long and lasting conversation after the game, of thrills and excitement!


5. Go cycling 

The latest fad with the light-weight bicycles that have been introduced. We also have many park connectors now that promises a breezy and scenic ride. For those that do not have bicycles, they are readily available for rent at the kiosks located at parks like Punggol Park. Some of the nice areas for cycling include Changi Boardwalk, Punggol Waterway and Marina Barrage. Find out more on the best places for a family bike ride.

Are there any that we missed out? Share with us!


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