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Back to School Checklist

We start counting down to the start of school! How ready are you?

We have some last-minute preparations checklist for you. Check against what you have completed!

  • I have gotten the compulsory textbooks and workbooks from the bookstores.
  • I am aware of the missing titles and know when they will be in stock.
  • I have sat with my child in preparing what will go into his/her schoolbag on Friday- Required textbooks or workbooks?- How many exercise books will be needed?- Stationery all in place?



  • I have made sufficient space for him/her to organize his/her books and do homework.
  • I have reminded my child to take note of changes in this coming year.
  • I have made sure that my child can fit into his/her uniforms and shoes comfortably.
  • I have prepared his/her uniforms, shoes and socks for school. (don’t forget the school badges, ties and name tags!)
  • I have informed him/her where the uniforms and shoes are placed.
  • I have his/her hair and nails cut nicely.
  • I have spoken to my child and agreed on the amount for pocket money.
  • I have made plans for any after-school care and my child is aware.
  • I have discussed with my child about balancing school work and play time.
  • I have spoken and addressed the concerns he/she has about school.


And on the final day before school….

  • We have the school bag packed nicely and ready.
  • I will have him/her to rest early.
  • I will make sure the alarm clock (with battery) is set before he/she goes to bed.
  • I have planned the wake up time with ample time to wash up, have breakfast and travel to school on time. (good to have a little buffer)
  • I have prepared a good breakfast for tomorrow!



Get your child excited yet organized for the start of school. A good morning sets a good start to the day. A good first day sets a good start to the year!

OpenSchoolbag wishes all parents and students Happy New Year and have a year of Good and Fun Learning in 2020!

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