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Countable & Uncountable Nouns Before Primary One

Image credits to https://www.proprofs.com/

What are some must-acquired knowledge before moving up to Primary One?

We have a Mummy blogger here to share her tips she used on  her child! For this article, let’s talk about countable and uncountable nouns.


Countable vs Uncountable

It’s important to distinguish between countable and uncountable nouns in English because their usage is different in regards to both determiners and verbs. It may seem easy but sometimes it can get a little confusing when we need to determine if the noun is countable or uncountable.

P.S: Your child should be familiar with nouns so that the following tips will be useful!


“How many…?”

The question “How many…” can determine if the noun is countable. Keep asking the question and he gets a hang of it after practicing a few times. As for uncountable nouns, they are always used with a singular verb. They usually do not have a plural form.


Written Practice is Important

Once the hands on activity is completed, there should always be a written worksheet to practise on. Now that they are going primary school soon, they need to practise more on writing. Not just write, but also to copy and write correctly. Writing strengthen their understanding of how print connects with spoken language.


Sorting out Singular vs Plural (Countable Nouns)

Countable nouns have both singular and plural forms. Just to let you know, there are a lot of nouns with weird rules for becoming plural! Why so? Because some nouns are the same in both singular and plural forms, some just add a letter ‘s’ to make it plural, some ending with certain letters you need to either change it or add more letters to it. Weird? Confusing? Try guiding with some of the nouns following the English’s “rules”.

Memorising the spelling is not necessary, yet. Try sorting out which are singular and plural nouns first! Exposure and learning in a fun way is the key.


On top of sorting in the traditional way, how about matching the mouse to the correct cheese. Look at the smile!


How to make the learning more fun? A game of nouns of course!

No, we are not gambling here but learning singular and plural nouns with some handmade play cards. 

Article contributed by Young Smarties. The writer is a stay at home busy mother of 2 wonderful kids who enjoy the time bonding with her children. Their thirst and great appetite for learning has made her busy researching and making learning resources/materials for them. She started Young Smarties to share what she has learnt with everyone else out there. She believes home practice can be done in a fun and relaxing manner. It helps to enhance and build strong and nurturing relationships between the parent and child too. Young Smarties have digitized some materials. See here for more.

Interested in the worksheet used in this article? Click here to view!

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