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Do You Know These Facts About Assessment Books?


Assessment books are aplenty everywhere. But do you know these facts about them? What tell-tale signs can you pick up from them?


How many assessment books do you have?

Parents may often stock up on assessment books at the start of each year. Is it really necessary?

You may only need more books as you realised there are specific areas to focus on. Moreover, some books may have revised editions so you can purchase them only when you need.


At the end of last year, how much of each book was completed?

Review on the completion rate of the assessment books may help you to estimate better how many books are suitable for this year.


Assessment books in black & white

We all know that black and white printing is more economical. Although colours can stimulate learning, the prices will be higher due to higher printing costs. Multiplied by number of subjects…. parents will be paying alot more!


Books of higher challenge

Books for a level higher may or may not be suitable. For some subjects like Mathematics, certain topics are continuous and at higher level, your child may still be able to attempt them. But for subjects like Science, new topics or concepts may only be taught at next level. Then your child may find it tough to try out the questions. You may not want to risk your child disliking the concepts or subjects ahead…….


Hope this post gives you some timely reminders! Have a good 2016 ahead!

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