Educational Apps Apt For Your Child!

With the percentage of smartphone usage increasing, it is no surprise that even little kids know how to watch videos and play games on your phone or tablet. These devices provide an alternative to the traditional books and physical materials that we have been so used to. Wonder how you can implement fun and learning while your child is spending time on your device? Well, wonder no more and simply read on and download these apps!

EduSnap [Singapore]


Baffled and tired of trying to solve your child’s homework? Fear no more! Use the app to take a photo of the question, post it and wait for the educators on their platform to work out the answer! Apart from being a local start-up, EduSnap is also a social enterprise that aims to create jobs for disadvantaged groups and provide academic support for students and parents.

Available on: iOS and Android

Suitable for: Ages 7 to 16

Tutate [Singapore]


Save trees by working on assessment books in your tablet or iPad! With this local app, your child is able to practise on assessment books from our local publishers. Your work is then marked automatically and solutions are presented in detail. Parents even have the option of creating customised worksheets for their kids!

Available on: iOS

Suitable for: Ages 7 to 12

Little Writer
Apps_Little Writer

This fun app uses cute graphics and lets kids trace the alphabet, numbers and even draw out shapes! It provides a guide on how each letter, number and shape should be traced out so kids would not get frustrate when they do not know how it should be done.

Available on: iOS

Suitable for: Ages 3 to 6

Hooked on Phonics

Apps_Hooked on Phonics

Using songs and games, this app is an easy and fun way for kids to learn how to read. With a game-like structure, your child can collect points and trophies as he progresses through each stage.

Available on: iOS and Android

Suitable for: Ages 3 to 6

Teach Your Monster to Read


This BAFTA-nominated implements games to help your child learn how to read. Join the adorable monsters as they bring your kids on an adventure as they work out the first stages of understanding and applying phonetic concepts.

Available: iOS and any operating system on desktop/laptop

Suitable for: Ages 3 to 6

LearnEnglish Grammar (UK ed.)

App_Learn English

Test your child’s grammar proficiency as he starts out with simple questions and proceed onto harder ones. Filled with interactive activity types such as fill-in-the-blanks, rearrange and label, this app is a fun way to test what your child has learned in school!

Available: iOS, Android & Microsoft

Suitable for: Ages 7 to 12

**While some apps are free to download, they may include in-app purchases that cost real money.


These are some of the apps that we’ve found to be useful and educational for young children. Share with us on your child’s and your favourite apps!

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Educational Apps Apt For Your Child!
How can technology help in academics? Here's a list of app - from assessment, homework to story telling and phonics!

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