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How to Choose the Right Enrichment Class for Your Kid

Recently we start to receive many queries on how to choose the right enrichment classes for your precious one. Yes, we know there are many centres out there offering the most interesting and unique classes and learning experiences. How do you then decide what is most important to polish the hidden shine in your kid? Here, OpenSchoolbag offers you some tips.



1. The Right Activity in Your Child’s Eyes

While knowing your objective of signing your precious one for a course is important, involve him or her in the decision making as well. You could be putting your dollars and cents to the best use if he or she can discover and maximise their potential to the fullest. Sign up for a course that he or she agrees to, even better, enthusiastic about, and your life would be easier without having to pacify them to attend the sessions in future.


2.  Know What You Are Paying For

Need we say more? You won’t want to be over paying without knowing. But there are some premium courses or centres that you may have to pay a little more…. only if you think its worth it! As savvy parents, you might want to check out a few other similar courses before you make your decision! Also, know what you are paying for, there might be certain unique pedagogies or development expertise that are built into the programme that commands a premium price. 


3.  Check Out the Environment

This will be a place that you and your child will be going often. Consider the factors like:

  • How conducive is the classroom or studio for your child?
  • Is the area clean?
  • Is the facilities and equipment provided by the centre adequate? Do you have to make additional arrangements for the class?
  • Is the parking facilities in the surrounding convenient?
  • Most importantly, does the class schedule complement your lifestyle?


4.  Make an Informed Choice through Reviews

There are so many sources of information available. To start off, check out the centre’s Facebook page, if any. Otherwise, there are a lot of websites that allow parents to read reviews. Among them, you may find valuable tips such as the best teacher in the centre! Consider checking out Kiasuparents forum, GotClass.com.sg, etc. Make sure you gather enough evidence to convince yourself that this is the right place to be!


5.  Request for Trial Class before Committing

Before you even commit to a 4-session or 6-month duration with the centre, consider going for a trial session to let your child experience the environment fully. Take the chance to interact with the teachers and other parents to understand more. This might throw out some blindspots that you had after doing all the necessary groundwork!

Have fun watching your child grow and discover in the courses you enrol him or her into! A friendly reminder to also put in some rewarding free time for rest and play! We know how hard you work to put your child in the class, so we want to make sure that you are making every cent worth!


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