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How to Get Your Child to Bed

Many parents find trying to get their child to bed at night to be one big struggle. The child may play up, whinge and even cry. When in bed, the child may then repeatedly keep getting out of bed. We share some advice on how to successfully get your child into bed at night, without all of this fuss.

Some children even though they know that they are tired, do not want to miss out on any of the action or excitement. They want to spend as much time with mom and dad, and their gadgets, as possible. They can even see the fact that they have to go to bed before their parents as unjust and even cruel.

As a parent, it can become very frustrating as well as upsetting when you see your child crying because they do not want to go to bed. Comments like, “Please, one last game” were far too regular.


   Let your child fix the bed time that both of you can agree


Let them get changed into their pyjamas around half an hour before this time, and then can either spend that period of time playing with their gadgets or watching the television. If they want to play, we ensure that the games are relaxing ones and not too energetic. No, no. No action games on your tablets at that time.


     Cool down & relax


You may also introduce something both you and your child love doing that can help them to wind down and relax. At times, a drink before going to bed with will be helpful, but not too much, so they do not need to wake up for a drink nor relieve their bladder.


   Let your child know importance of sleep and that it should be something to enjoy                                                                  (and not to see it as some sort of punishment)


You should always try to create the bedroom as a place that they want to spend time, a place which they find fun, relaxing and comfortable. If there is a study table in the bedroom, put away all the books so they do not constantly get reminded. You should also avoid saying things like “Go back to your room as a punishment” or your child might have a negative feeling towards the bedroom.

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