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How to prepare your child for PSLE using past year school papers

And so we have just said bye to the first quarter of the year and going into the second quarter. For parents with kids doing PSLE this year, the tension must be building up. And for the even more forward looking parents who have kids in Primary 5 this year, a two-year intensive preparation programme for the PSLE has probably commenced!


1. Plan by categorising topics that your child is weak in

According to the Sun Tzu’s Art of War, ‘if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles’. Know what your child is weak in and focus on the topical aspects to zoom in on the areas for practice! There are various resources to support this. Ten Year Series these days come with topical series so you can arm yourself with great ammunition!


2. Have a range of papers for practice

In the article by Tutate mentioned above, the past year papers have been categorized according to overall quality (in terms of coverage of topics), level of difficulty, papers with most cross-topical questions, papers with most use of modelling. No worries about sieving through the papers when Tutate has already broken them down! Just download their app and let your kids try the app on iPads! They will be most enthusiastic using technology to practise papers!


3. Inculcate a disciplined routine

With all the options available, there is no point jamming everything at the eleventh hour. Take time to pace yourselves and the kids. Look at what the kids are managing these days and we honestly feel sorry for them when we see them nodding off on buses or carrying their bags with slumped shoulders. Have a timetable and schedule for them so that they are also mentally prepared to learn.


4.  Health is key to achieving results

This sounds amateur but there is a lot of truth in it. These days we are presented with so much information and we expect so much processing power from our kids. While you are working on helping your child to ace and score, you should be also building up his or her health as a capital for achieving results. Have some muti-vitamins and make sure your child have enough rest. These things go a long way.

Yes as simple as it sounds, it should not be like a mad rush. No one feels the tension worse than your child. You want to be there as a pillar of support. Mask your anxiety and be in control!

Alternatively, if you still prefer to get the PSLE Ten-Year-Series by topics, take a look at the catalogue on our store!

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