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Introducing New Food Through Ice Cream and Desserts

As parents, you would know how tough it is to get your child to try new food and flavours. Meal time can be a battle indeed! Children are often picky and refuse to give second chances to food that might not appeal to their taste buds. Sometimes it’s all about mixing (or rather hiding!) these food into actual dishes that kids enjoy eating. Eventually they will get used to these new flavours and may stop being a picky eater.

So, come along with an empty stomach as we check out some places that offer ice cream with unique flavours!


Herbs in an Ice Cream?

Located at Everton Park, Seriously Ice Cream cafe has flavours that you might not even associate with ice cream. Japanese Miso in ice cream? Really? Yes! They also have a honey rosemary ice cream. Rosemary herb is mostly used to add flavour to food, especially in Italian cooking, so it is pretty rare to see it in an ice cream.

Specials: Miso, Honey Rosemary
Location: Block 4 Everton Park

[Closed as of  Aug 2021]


Sweet like ... Sweet Potato?

At Haato’s you can take your pick from the numerous gelato and not-so-sinful sorbet flavours. They have flavours like black sesame, sweet potato with honey and chestnut and fruity sorbets like yuzu, lychee, to name a few. With ingredients such as black sesame which has numerous health benefits, this is one ice cream place that you shouldn’t feel guilty indulging at!

Specials: Black Sesame, Sweet Potato, Chestnut, Yuzu, Lychee
Location: Clarke Quay Central 

[Clarke Quay branch closed as of  Aug 2021]


Ice ice baby ... with Kidney Beans!

Desserts with kidney bean and yam? Very Asian indeed! Instead of using ice cream, YiLi PaoPao Ice uses no artificial flavourings for their shaved ice desserts. With toppings such as red bean, the previously mentioned kidney bean and yam, there could be no better way to get them to eat these food than to put them as toppings on an enticing dessert!

Specials: Kidney Bean, Red Beans, Yam
Location: Orchard Central , Block 142 Lorong Ah Soo

[Closed as of  Aug 2021]


Fruits or ice cream? How about both!

With 3 outlets island-wide, Ice Cream Chefs offers popular flavours like Kinder Bueno, durian and Oreo as well as healthier options like passion fruit sherbet with bits of kiwi, soursop ice cream, taro (yam), strawberries and a few more. Seems like a good way to introduce new fruits and vegetables to your kids while having a delicious treat at the same time!

Specials: Orange Lychees, Peach Melba, Pink Guava, Beanie Vanilla
Location: 12 Jalan Kuras Upper Thomson, Block 520 East Coast Road, SAFRA Mount Faber


Fruits on a stick!

If it looks like a popsicle, it must taste like one right? At Stick House, have your pick of gelatos and sorbets (guava, pomegranate, raspberry – to name a few) tastefully crafted and propped on a stick! Using natural ingredients for their products, the kids might just forget that they’re not eating an actual fruit!

Specials: Pineapple, Pomegranate, Soya, Almond
Location: Imbiah Station - Sentosa, JCube, 100AM

[Closed as of  Aug 2021]


Oh so natural!

Using fresh and natural ingredients, New Zealand Natural provides a wide range of ice cream, sorbet, smoothies and more. They even have ice cream and sorbet that has boysenberry in them, which is not a flavour most ice cream places have! Boysenberry is a cross of raspberry and blueberry, so double up the vitamins!

Specials: Pineapple, Pomegranate, Soya, Almond
Location: Singapore Tennis Centre East Coast Parkway, 
Nex, Parkway Parade, Paragon 


“Moove” over, vegan ice cream is here!

Lactose-intolerant people rejoice! Brownice (now known as Smoocht) serves dairy-free, vegan ice cream! To add on to that, their ice cream is also made from organic brown rice. No more guilt over letting your kids have one more scoop of that yummy ice cream.

Specials: Dairy-Free, Organic Brown Rice
Location: Sin Ming Centre


There you have it; a few places that you might consider trying out with your kids. Share your experiences with us if you’ve been to these places or let us know of more unique ice cream and other desserts that have appealed to your kids and you! Have fun to tasting new food and flavours!

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