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PSLE Exam Day Must Know!

We are so near the examination period! While you are preparing for the English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue revision, do not forget about the other concerns during the actual sitting of examination!

OpenSchoolbag has consolidated some common confusion parents have just before PSLE. Please note that guidelines or rules may differ across schools.  If you are still concerned over any of the points below, perhaps better to play safe!


1.  Water bottles – can bring or not?

Well, some schools allow students to bring their water bottles with them but can only be placed on the floor to prevent spillage and getting the examination papers wet.  Some schools may require students to leave water bottles outside examination venue.


2.  Your child may not see your school teachers during examination

Listening and Oral examinations are conducted and invigilated by teachers from other schools. For written examinations, (most of) the school teachers will be present.


3.  Remember the Examination Serial Number!

Unique to each student, the Examination Serial Number will be pasted on the tables in examination venue. Students are required to write this number for all the examination booklets.


4.  Strictly no scribbling or writing paper

Any paper is prohibited. Calculator function cards should also left at home. Tissue paper? Just kidding.


5.  Transparent Pencil Cases

Transparent pencil cases are encouraged to assist invigilators to check for any slips of paper. Some schools also encourage using Zip-lock bags to hold the stationery.

Pencil cases available here.


6.  Correction Tapes/ Fluid

Students are allowed to bring correction tapes or fluids into the examination hall (unless schools prohibit). But there is a risk that students may forget to replace their answers.


7.  Sorry, but No Eating


8.  Electronic Devices

Your child should not bring his/her handphones if not necessary. Schools may have the practice of keeping all students’ phones and returning after examination.

No smart watches, definitely. E-dictionaries should also be in silent mode.


9.  If your child dozes off… Invigilators may not wake him/her up

There was a previous incident that a parent lodged a complaint against a teacher who woke her child up during an examination. The parent stated that her child was trying to get rest for next paper.

There are some reminders that, although you may have heard 8415385612 times, we encourage you to consider:

  • using blue or black pens – for clearer answers and may your child get more marks!
  • using 2B pencils and soft erasers
  • bringing jacket if your child is seated in an air-conditioned room

If you are still concerned, consider asking your child’s teachers to clarify on the school’s practice.


Keep calm and let your child know the above points! 


Full PSLE examination guidelines here be found on SEAB website.

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