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By now, you should have arranged a full schedule of tuition classes and a wide selection of assessment books for your child. However, you somehow still think this is not enough. Parents typically focus on the core examined areas. However, you may overlook the things that can help your child score in the PSLE examination that cannot be acquired through hours and hours of practice.

OpenSchoolbag has put together a seminar targeted at areas of concern we gathered from parents!

The English Oral, Comprehension and Composition may be each small but important examination elements that can be scored by uncovering little tips that cannot be learned through hours of practice. For Mathematics, students often lose marks to careless mistakes despite numerous practice on concepts and techniques. For Science, students are familiar with the concepts and theories but are somehow unable to answer the question to score. Somehow, your child can’t seem to get full marks for the open-ended questions?

Sounds familiar?

About the Speakers

  1. Ms. Deepa has been an English tutor for five years teaching P6 and O Level students. Prior to that, she was a finance journalist. Realising her flair in English and her immense love for children, she started researching the English syllabus and began teaching English. When MOE changed the P6 English syllabus in 2012 (applicable from 2015), there were no books in the new format available in bookstores. Thus, she started writing material in the new format for oral, composition and comprehension for her students. Today, she has written six books.Writing books helped her understand the weaknesses and potential of our Singaporean children. She hopes to provide you with practical, workable ideas for area-specific improvement of your child in the four months remaining for PSLE.
  2. Ms Jacelynn Pang, Scientific Calculator Regional Product Specialist, CASIO Singapore Pte Ltd, graduated from Nanyang Technological University with BSc. (Hons) Mathematical Sciences. She conducts calculator workshops for Primary and Secondary School teachers and has a passion to help parents support their children in their route of learning.

    Casio fx-96SGPLUS is SEAB-approved calculator model.
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  3. Mrs Linda Koh has been teaching Primary Science for the past 15 years. Through her years in marking and teaching PSLE science, she has helped students score well through the application of science answering techniques.  The techniques have benefited students who have the science knowledge but lack the know-how in applying and answering science questions. She has conducted numerous science workshops for parents and students. She is the author of “A* Answering Technique Revealed (Physical)” guidebook that has received many good reviews.  Mrs Koh is currently the Science specialist tutor in a learning centre.

What to Expect

  1. Lots of useful information!
  2. Goodie bag with stationery
  3. Question and Answer Sessions
  4. Material booklet [BONUS!]
  5. Tea break refreshment between speakers

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