Seriously, Do You Need That Many Mathematics Assessment Books?

We are not kidding. Because at OpenSchoolbag, we receive many inquiries on which book to get, what are the good books and so on.  We hope you can understand which area  your child needs more practice on. So this post is tasked to help you in your selection process and getting to the right, useful book for your child!

In summary, Mathematics may be considered:

Concepts > Process Skills > Speed > Complete Revision 


1. Foundation, Getting Started, Teaching on Your Own


Usually in line with school syllabus, the books are arranged by topics. Each topic comes with notes, examples and practice questions. Suitable to prepare at start of the year, the book can be used for whole year. Parents can use notes and guided examples to refresh your memory to teach. Private tutors can also use to reinforce the child’s understanding for each topic.


2. Word Problems, Heuristics


Solving a word problem may require a set of skills like: comprehension, reasoning, connection and thinking skills. Your child definitely need conceptual knowledge and good to have skills like modelling.


3. Assessment – Finding Focus Areas


This is a real assessment book – which is test and assess your child’s competency. The book is written in evaluation of each topic and differentiated levels of difficulty in each unit. You should understand your child’s strong and weak topics and the competency for each topic.


4. Challenging, More Strategies


For students with no concerns on getting to the right answers, you may take on bigger challenge to getting right answers in a shorter time.


5. Mock/Test Papers


While you may consider past year papers, you can also consider mock papers at end of year, nearer to final examinations!


Hope we have put together a holistic plan for Mathematics. Remember, you may not need so many books altogether!

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