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Simple Ways to Help Your Child Relax

Children can easily become overstimulated. Loud environments, too much homework or CCA activities, exams stress, exhaustion, etc. A number of factors can contribute to their feelings of being uptight and stressed. It is important to help them find ways to understand that they need to relax first and then help to identify ways to help them do so.

First, when your child is overtaxed, help him to see the signs that he needs to take a break. Point out to him that he is too energetic, loud, easily irritated, or any other symptoms of being stressed. Ask your child to take a moment to think about how he’s feeling and to identify what doesn’t feel quite right.

Then, help your child find ways to relax. These methods should speak directly to your child’s preferences. Here are some ideas to help you get started;


His/Her Quiet Place

Find a quiet place for your child to take a break. Maybe your child can determine where this place can be. This might be in his room, your living room, or perhaps a park or garden. Encourage him to breathe in deeply through his nose and then out of his mouth several times. Ask him to think about a peaceful place, such as a calm river or a forest where he can imagine birds whistling.


Read a Book

Snuggle up in a comfortable chair, and read his favorite book or a book that is not related to his daily life at. Listening to some instrumental music at a low volume can also have a soothing effect on him.


Go Outside and Take a Walk

A change of environment can help your child break out of his current state. Let your child ride his bicycle if he wants to. Play a game of Frisbee or throw a ball back and forth at a field or badminton court nearby. Play tag. Exercise releases endorphins, which can relieve stress.


Art Activities

Encourage your child to do an art activity, such as painting a picture. Concentrating on a creative task helps him stop thinking about the stressors in her life. There are many forms of art – finger painting, doodling or even clay molding. We suggest including many colours in the activity to make the artwork more vibrant and create a sense of satisfaction in the final work.


Hands-on Activities

Bring out some puzzles, building blocks or other quiet activities that your child can do. Quiet play can help him to calm down and refocus his energy. Group games like Uno Stacko, Twister can also create good bonding opportunities for yourself and your child.


Time Out, Alone

Let your child be if he just needs some alone time. This should be in a safe place, such as his room.


When your child is calm again, talk to him about how he is feeling. Let him talk and tell you how you can support him. This can help reduce or prevent stressors in his life and cut down the number or severity of anxious feelings in the future.

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