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The Singaporean Way to conquering examinations – Ten Year Series!

While the issue raised by our Minister of Education on over reliance on tuition in Singapore is very much discussed now, OpenSchoolbag started thinking about what we believed was the “Winning Formula” in the past. Our answer was unanimously the Ten Year Series!

For those of us who have gone through Singapore’s education system since young, the term Ten Year Series or TYS is not unfamiliar. At the point where we approach Secondary Three in school, we will be asked to get a copy of the TYS aka the kungfu manual to conquer the Cambridge examinations at the Normal Technical (NT), Normal Academic (NA), Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) levels. We pride ourselves as a nation that believes in intensive practice. We are targeted students who study for the purpose of examinations. Following this tradition, the MOE has recently introduced PSLE TYS with our key publishers including SAP, Shing Lee and EPH.

Some familiar conversations when you think of your time using the TYS?



Practice until Perfection



1. I know the answer just by reading the first half of the question!



2. My tuition teacher say underline the key words



3. My friend has practiced the whole TYS three times! I only did twice, better do one more time!



Trend Spotting



4. This type of question appears every two years, it should appear again this year! Confirm!



5. This is one of the challenging questions that will not appear because syllabus has changed. Heng ah!



As the learning styles have changed over the years, TYS has evolved over the years. From providing just answers to multiple choice questions, to including recommended answers to short open-ended questions to the full model solution booklets we have today. To support students of varying competencies, publishers have also rearranged the TYS into topical series, including key summary notes for each topic. No more excuses for not being able to solve a question if you have already been taught that topic!

Having said all these, for laughs. We still believe in the importance of TYS serving the needs of students. As such, we have a complete collection of TYS for all levels from Shing Lee! Browse the following product catalogues! Bundle deal promotions available!


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