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Things Only Mothers with Toddlers Will Understand

Toddlers are an interesting category of humans. They do things that make mothers wonder at their imagination and persistence. Every day, mothers of toddlers witness actions their toddlers do and try to figure out their thought processes that lead to those behaviours. It is often simply a mystery of life why toddlers act as they do. Even so, mothers of children between one and three years old understand them more than anyone. They also understand things about their own lives that are a direct result of their toddlers’ actions.


Privacy is priceless

Toddlers cannot stand to be alone. They know where their mothers are at all times and they will be within eyesight. This includes the times when mothers are in the washroom. Mothers understand that those five minutes of peace and quiet she could have with the door closed are probably not going to happen, however much they are needed. The child WILL find her!


Cleaning is nearly pointless

The mother of a toddler may try to clean the house during the day, but it invariably will be uncleaned by the toddler immediately upon finishing. For example, after picking up all the toys in the living room, the toddler will walk directly behind his mother and pull all the toys right back out. And this is not limited to the child’s toys only. Every object within reach of the toddler is not safe! They will wear your pair of high heels, get to your cosmetics drawer, scribble on important documents and before you know it, even your things are scattered all over the house! Cleaning mostly leads to about two and a half minutes of an organized home.


Small triumphs are worth every moment of struggle with a toddler

For instance, when the toddler can put on her shoes herself for the first time without help or when she asks for help instead of throwing herself on the floor screaming because she can’t do something on her own, it is a victory for both toddler and mom. Even though it’s bittersweet watching the toddler grow, it is wonderful when she becomes more independent and is able to express herself clearly.


Hugs and kisses are the best things about toddlers!

Toddlers can show affection in ways that other children can’t or don’t. They are not self-conscious or embarrassed like older children who run away with a loud “no!” or “yucks!” when you ask them for a kiss! Toddlers want hugs and kisses and they are generous with giving them, and that makes being a mom of a toddler worth every moment of not having privacy and a messy house.

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