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Towards Your Child's Education, What Type of Parent Are You?

I am a 80s baby and hardly had any assessment books or tuitions as my family could not afford it. My parent's expectations for my siblings and I were "A pass is good enough." Fortunately for me and my siblings, we gave our parents more than "Pass" and we all graduated with degrees and started working anyway.

I am not saying with or without books and tuitions are better. As the saying goes "Times have changed" and I think my parents would very much agree to this. And so, towards your child's education, what type of parent are you? Today, I would like to share the type of parents we have interacted with so far!


1)  "Results are very important!" aka Monster Parents

You will not find this term new. Even local celebrity Diana Ser  confessed to being a "Mummy Monster". These parents are often anxious about the child's progress, what's happening in school and what are the teachers doing in school.

Characteristics: The child has 10 assessment books for each subject, learns 10 other hobbies outside school and has 10 tuitions for 4 subjects )


2)  "Follow the other parents"

Not sure what to do, but following the other parents must be right. If the other parents think that ABC Learning Centre is good, we should also go. If every one is buying this book, this book must be very useful.

Image result for follow the crowd meme

Characteristics: Parent has memberships or subscribes to all parenting forums, events and magazines, reads and asks for opinions and feedback and supports "Best sellers".


3)  "Let him explore on his own" 

If you ask this type of parent "How did your child fare?", you will get this answer "Not too sure, haven't asked about that". Parents in this group may believe that " You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink " . They leave it to the child to strive for excellence in his/her own ways.

Characteristics: The child can still go out for breakfast or visit grandparents during exams period because....  will the few hours make a lot of difference?


4)  "There are other things more than results"

I remember talking to a parent during one of our events. He was asking if we have any world maps for children as he wanted to get something for his child outside school work. "Let the teachers in school do the English, Mathematics and Science. At home, we want to do something else."

Characteristics: The parent would introduce new and interesting things like - kiteflying, cycling, fishing....and maybe share what they used to do as a kid in the past!

Whatever type you fall into, as long as you support your child and its works well for him or her!

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