What Teachers (Really) Want to Say to Parents

Recently, a “proposal” in a forum has sparked off some discussions on teachers’ working hours. ( See Working after school hours part of ‘service’) . We have heard from parents. This time, let us hear from teachers. OpenSchoolbag spoke to some teachers and asked them:

“As a teacher, what do you really want to tell the parents?”

Read on their responses below…


Respect our time. If you do not want to be disturbed about work during the weekends, so do we. You can leave us a message and we’ll get back to you once we are available. If we reply you on a weekend, it’s an exception. Please don’t take it for granted and get upset when we don’t.
~From a Primary School Teacher


Please do not forget that teachers have families and children too. They are just as important to us like your child is to you. We are parents, too.
~From a Secondary School Teacher


A teacher’s job is to help you educate your children, it is not a customer service centre where you push your job as a parent to us and expect us to provide a one-stop discipline service. When you say you support the teacher, you give mutual respect and trust. Not doubts and overly defensive comments when we deal with your child’s problem.
~From a Secondary School Teacher


There are some children who are more suited to pursue other paths. JC is not the only path in education. Talk to your children to find out where their interests lie. They are to fulfill their dreams, not yours.”
~From a Junior College teacher


Your child might behave differently in front of you and in school. Just because she is an angel at home, doesnt mean she is an angel in school. It’s the same. Just because she is an angel in my class, doesn’t mean that she is one in another class.
~From a Primary School Teacher

Photo Credits to Canberra Sec

Photo Credits to Canberra Sec

Trust the teachers. Don’t overload children with tuition but spend time with them to learn from their surroundings.
~From a Primary School Teacher


If we provide feedback about your child’s behavior, listen and let’s work together to make sense of it. Don’t get defensive!
~From a Primary School Teacher


Remember to recognise the effort your child puts in, not just the scores (:
~From a Primary School Teacher


Teachers cannot babysit your child only because there’re 100 other students who are under our charge. As much as we want to help your kid to improve his/her grades, but we cannot devote the whole time to him/her only.

~From a Junior College Teacher

Photo Credits to ChannelNewsAsia Credits to ChannelNewsAsia 


Do not do everything for your child. Yes, you do not wish to give them stress or overload them with unnecessary tasks. But by doing every small chore or even helping them to remember homework, important dates etc, you are taking away the responsibility from them. They will not grow up to become independent individuals!

~From a Primary School Teacher


Support the school’s values and teachers’ stand in educating your child. It is a partnership between parents and the school, and both sides need to collaborate to maximise the development and potential of the child. If you do not agree with the teacher or the school leaders, have an open talk with them and see if a mutual agreement or understanding can be reached instead of being defensive and bringing matters up to higher authorities immediately.

~From a Primary School Teacher

Show interest in what your child does in school. Take time to talk to them about what goes on during class, CCA, who they hang out with during recess etc. You are not just someone who signs their consent forms and pays school fees for them.

~From a Primary School Teacher


Let us not take our teachers for granted. With 5,000 teachers leaving the industry over the five years (See Straits Times)  , let us give more care to our teachers. Singapore is one of the top countries with a well-developed education system. We have to give thanks to our teachers who worked hard to make this happen.

Are you a teacher or have a teacher in your family? Share with us what you want to say!

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What Teachers (Really) Want to Say to Parents
We have heard from parents. This time, let us hear from teachers. OpenSchoolbag spoke to some teachers and asked them: " "As a teacher, what do you really want to tell the parents?"

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