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Advanced Level Physics (Laws of Physics Made Intuitive) Part 2


The book is carefully crafted and presented in a lecture style, where readers are led to understand the thinking processes leading to certain conclusions. It is through these that misconceptions and common areas of mistakes will surface. You will
also find in the book that at specific juncture, commonly accepted knowledge or perceptions are challenged and the assumptions are surfaced for discussion.

It is also common to find, in this book, alternate ways of looking at common derivation and assumptions.

The author hopes not only to deepen the understanding of students in the laws of physical world but also widen their thinking horizon. In various examination climates and even in the working environment, it is important that students can think laterally and vertically to cope with different
scenarios, questions and context.

ISBN: 9789814739986

ISBN 9789814739986
No. of Pages 192
Author Terence Chiew
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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