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Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards P5


All to help in the Ease of Understanding the words from the textbook. All Chinese Flashcards are updated with the latest MOE syllabus, fresh from the oven! A point system is included, telling you the level of difficulty of each word. With this point system, you can also play Flashcard Games to increase memory retention and active recall during tests and exams. Furthermore, it helps to bond you more as a family! Edutainment is the new in!

Some children learn better with their ears as they are auditory learners, so we have created a video course that complements the Chinese Flashcards. P3/P4/P5/P6 Chinese Syllabus Video Course will show the Flashcards, complete with narration, focusing on the pronunciation of the word and 造句. Your Child will know how to pronounce the words and create sentences after watching the videos. These videos are excellent for visual learners too.

Up to 70% of Children are Visual Learners (learn by looking), so these videos are an excellent way to help them learn and recall actively daily, weekly, monthly and during exams.


  • Two sided
  • Chapter Label
  • Hanyu Pin yin
  • Level, chapter, card number (for easy sorting)
  • Sentence formation 造句  in Chinese and English
  • Number of points

More information:

  • 215 Cards
  • Cards measure 15 x 10.5cm

ISBN: 9789811472756

ISBN 9789811472756
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No. of Issues -
Brand -

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