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Editing For Spelling And Grammar Explained! P5


Editing  for Spelling and Grammar Explained (Primary 1 to 6) is a series of workbooks designed to provide rigorous practice in English spelling and grammar for primary school pupils. While editing for spelling and grammar may not be overtly tested in school examinations at the lower and mid-primary levels, it is still important for pupils to develop spelling and grammar skills at the early stages of their learning. After all, correct spelling and accurate grammar are fundamental to building a strong foundation in the English language.

Each book in the series has five parts:

  1. Spelling
    This part focuses on spelling. Pupils correct spelling mistakes in isolated sentences as well as short passages.

  2. Grammar
    This part focusses on grammar. Pupils correct grammatical mistakes in isolated sentences as well as short passages.

  3. Spelling and Grammar
    This part forms the bulk of each workbook. The exercises mirror the format used in school examinations and the PSLE. Pupils correct an equal number or spelling and grammatical errors in each passage. The passages also represent a variety of text types.

    In the Challenge Yourself! worksheets, pupils will encounter a more demanding selection of words.

  4. Extension
    This part provides a stretch and enables pupils to practise higher-order skills. Pupils discriminate between correct and wrong sentences. They identify the spelling or grammatical mistake in each problematic sentence and correct it.

  5. Answer Key
    This is the most significant feature of the series, which not only gives the correct answers, but also provides simple and concise explanations for all answers. These explanations present spelling patterns and grammar rules as they are needed when pupils check the answers after attempting the questions. There are also explanations of the contextual meanings of the words and phrases used. 

  • 10 Grammar Worksheets
  • 30 Grammar & Spelling Worksheets
  • 5 Challenge Yourself! Worksheets
  • 5 Extensions

ISBN: 9789814891028

ISBN 9789814891028
No. of Pages 176
Author Chin Lie Peng
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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