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Inspiring People Magazines (10 issues)


Children need to be INSPIRED.
Mentors are important to children's growth. This series helps them to adopt a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

A series of 10 books to inspire children and encourage them to  find a mentor .  What creates Great People like Shakespeare , Albert Einstein,  Zheng He , Confuscius  , the greatest people of all time .  What these men have in common, what made them great , and what can we learn from them.   Help your child to understand himself better, and you may find that your child has a talent you never knew about.

  • Issue 1: Florence Nightingale (Nurse)
  • Issue 2: Mozart (Musician)
  • Issue 3: Galileo Gallilei (Astronomer)
  • Issue 4: Zheng He (Explorer)
  • Issue 5: Confucius
  • Issue 6: Li Shizhen
  • Issue 7: Helen Keller
  • Issue 8: Sir Issac Newton
  • Issue 9: William Shakespeare
  • Issue 10: Vincent Van Gogh


Suitable for: Ages 6 -9
Number of issues: 10 
Number of pages: 60 pages per book
All issues to be sent together. Price includes free local delivery.

ISBN InspiringPeople_10
No. of Pages 60
No. of Issues 10
Brand -