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Physics: Key Revision Notes & Answering Techniques A Level


This book is specially designed for students who want to grasp the essence of each topic in the A-Level H2 Physics syllabus as well as gain exposure to common qualitative questions, a component where many students stumble. In the examination, students are required to recall and apply key definitions and formulas. This book serves as a quick reference guide in attempting practice questions as well as a handy revision prior to a test or a quiz. 

Critical problem-solving techniques are illustrated through worked examples to help students understand how the formula can be applied, while sample qualitative questions are compiled to help students pick up the key words that examiners look out for. Tips and learning points are provided where necessary to further reinforce students' learning. This book is intended to complement student's school notes and practice questions. Mastery of Physics comes from intensive practice in how concepts can be applied and, through reflective thinking, clear any misconceptions and gain a clearer understanding of the definitions and formulas.


ISBN: 9789810970000

No of Pages: 141
Author: Raymond Chai

ISBN MA 9789810970000
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