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Lower Secondary Step Up Editing


The Editing component in Paper One of the GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level comprises a short text, containing 8 and 10 grammatical errors respectively. In theory, this 10 mark component can help students to score well in Paper One. In practice, however, many students find this section challenging.
In order to score well, students need to demonstrate that they possess a clear understanding of English grammar. Yet, most students struggle to understand grammar rules. When do you use “many” instead of “much”? Is “nothing” singular or plural? Why “in Spain” and not “at Spain”?
This book aims to provide a simplified guide to English grammar and to develop confidence in tackling Editing. There are three sections in this book to help students attain a stronger comprehension of how English grammar rules work.
Section 1 – English grammar basics
In this section, students learn the essentials of English grammar pertaining to the editing component in the examination. They then assess their own understanding by attempting brief exercises. At the end of this section students have a review test to see if there are areas that they need to address further.
Section 2 – Guided practices
In this second section, students try their hand at a practice passages in which the types of error are identified. Students write down the correct answers. The passages are of similar standard to ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level examination passages.

Section 3 – Non-guided practices
In this section, students try their hand at practice passages in which the errors are not identified. Students identify the errors in the passages and write down the correct answers. The passages are similar standard to ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level examination passages.

ISBN: 9789814783903


ISBN 9789814783903
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Author Lee K.R.
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