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Mathematics Problem-Solving in Real World Contexts For Lower Secondary Levels


The recent mathematics curriculum and assessment have given more attention to the application of Mathematics in real world contexts. Such questions have also been surfacing regularly in the GCE O level examination papers and have often been termed infamously as ‘the last question’.

Real world context questions often involve applying different concepts in order to solve them. This is because in real life, the problems we encounter often require us to integrate multiple concepts that we have learnt to solve them.

This book has 80 real world context questions to help you learn better. The questions in this book are organised by themes and arranged by levels of difficulty. The standard of each question is also indicated, from Secondary 1 to 4. Hence this book is applicable to all secondary level students, working towards the important national examinations at the end of year 4 or 5.

How to work through the questions here:

  • By Strands -  The book has been divided into the three main strands: Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.
  • By Difficulty Levels-  Each strand is sub-divided into difficulty levels: Standard, Intermediate and Challenging.
  • By Standards - The concepts tested in each question span from Secondary 1 to 4, and are stated explicitly in the question. Hence, all secondary level students can use this book!

ISBN: 9789813281097

ISBN 9789813281097
No. of Pages 168
Author Lim C. K.
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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