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Model Fractions © Fraction Bar Model Card Kit (¹⁄₁ - ¹²⁄₁₂)


9"IDEAL FOR Pri 2 - 6! Fraction Cards are Tactile, Visually Engaging and Open-ended for Wonderful Child-Led Learning."

Solve fraction sums fast with Model Fractions ©  Fraction Bar Model Cards for hands-on, visual math learning.

Created in Singapore, MODEL FRACTIONS is Montessori and Singapore Math aligned to help children discover fractions operations independently and easily.

Drawing on the power of visualizing mathematical concepts before solving sums, this Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach is especially beneficial for young Visual Learners who often find word problems a challenge.

Each Set Contains:
1 x Equivalent Fractions Wall
2 x Bar cards representing ONE WHOLE ( ¹⁄₁ ) 
11 x Divided Fraction Bar cards representing ²⁄₂ to ¹²⁄₁₂

Help Your Child:

  • Develop a strong visual memory of fractions bar models
  • Understand patterns, equivalents and relationships between parts of a whole
  • Discover self-directed learning and problem-solving skills
  • Advance rapidly through the fundamentals of fractions
ISBN 978-981-14-1676-7
No. of Pages 15
Author Model Fractions
No. of Issues -
Brand Model Fractions ©