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P3. 2-Guidebook (Quick Starter Kit)


Want all the P3 must-know problem sums at your fingertips? 

Here’s what you get in your Quick Start Kit.

Problem Sums Guide (for Parents)

  • Comes with 18 must-know problem sums types for your P3 child.
  • Topics include:
  1. Part-whole (2/3 identities)
  2. More Than (make part to whole)
  3. Less Than (make part to whole)
  4. Multiply/ Divide (2-step problem)
  5. Fractions problem (part-whole)
  6. Intervals
  7. Guess and Check (4-step assumption method)
  8. Area
  9. Simultaneous

10. Guess a Number
11. Listing
12. Same One
13. Same Total
14. Same Difference
15. Equal After Change
16. Working Backwards
17. 2 ifs

51 Must-Know Problem Sums Vol 1

  • Vol 1 – This contains 51 must-know CA1/SA1/CA2/SA2 problem sums for your P3 child. Does your child know all of these before sitting for his next exam? Help him to master all 51 of them with this guidebook now.

  • Topics include:
  1. Area
  2. Equal After Change
  3. Equal At First
  4. Grouping
  5. Guess and Check
  6. Internal Transfer
  7. Less than & Part-whole
  8. More Less Than 3 Identities
  9. More Less Than 3 Identities (Units)
  10. More Than
  11. More Than & Part-whole
  12. More Than (Units)

13. More Than (Units/Age)
14. Part-whole (Units)
15. Pattern
16. Perimeter
17. Remaining
18. Repeated Identity
19. Same Total
20. Simultaneous
21. Simultaneous Identical
22. Simultaneous With Shapes
23. Time
24. Working Backwards


This 2-Guidebook Quick Starter Kit is also THE book which can help a P3 to bridge P4 problem sums so he can learn to better cope with P4 always-changing-always-getting-tougher problem sums.

No. of Pages -
Author John Yeo
No. of Issues -
Brand Learning Out Of The Box 

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