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Farm Themed Fun Box


Kids love animals. The best way to start teaching your kids about animals is through farm animals.

Young Smarties is launching their first Farm themed fun box! It is packed with quality home-made with love materials where you can enjoy learning and explore with your child! The activities are designed in a way where it engaged the child in learning. Once the child is engaged, he/she will be curious and wants to discover new things. This is what we called REAL learning. 

Objectives of the Farm themed box:
- able to recognize and identify common farm animals taught in this package
- know the mother, father, and baby names of the farm animals
- know the sounds made by the farm animals
- learn about numbers and counting

What does the box include?
- Farm animals memory game
- Farm animals families printables with matching toys
- Farm animals puzzles
- Farm animals counting cards
- Milking cow activity

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