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WINK to LEARN - SING to LEARN Chinese DVD (Vol. 3)


The first-ever flashcard-inspired Chinese Children Songs in DVDs - your child can now learn new Chinese words in a fun and entertaining way.SING to LEARN Chinese DVD Series (Vol. 1, 2 and 3) helps your child to speak and read more than 1000 Chinese words through a compilation of 66 songs. It's a wonderful blend between words flashcard, videos, real pictures and catchy Chinese children songs. Before each song, your child will be exposed to a short flash-cards lesson, introducing them to the key-words in the song!

Sing To Learn Chinese Volume 3 Titles:

1 -欢喜和和气

2 -拔萝卜

3 -小白兔

4 -母鸭带小鸭

5 -小蜜蜂

6 -我是只小小鸟

7 -老鼠与猫

8 -老乌鸦

9 -老鸡说小鸡

10 -小毛驴

11 -小马

12 -小花猫

13 -蝉

14 -快乐的小鸟

15 -蚂蚁搬豆

16 -哈巴狗

17 -萤火虫

18 -狩猎

19 -稻草里的火鸡

20 -数蛤蟆

21 -小海鸥

22 -青蛙大合唱

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