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WINK to LEARN - Speak & Read Chinese 6-DVDs Program (Includes Simplified & Traditional Chinese)


Speak & Read Chinese 6-DVDs is your child's best tool in learning Chinese. It contains separate lessons for Simplified and Traditional Chinese. It contains separate lessons for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. On top of that, every Speak & Read DVD purchase comes along with a free Parents' Usage Guidebook. This guidebook contains instructions on using the DVDs.

Note: In order to save our Earth (and your money!), please note that the above product will come without its external paper cover box. The contents inside are unchanged i.e. you will still receive your DVDs in a sleek black plastic multi DVD case with a cover page inlay.


This 6-DVDs program aims to help your child to recognize more than 700 words and also to form proper phrases and sentences. This flashcard-based DVD series is inspired by the flashcard principles of Dr. Glenn Doman. To help your child in learning Chinese, the program breaks down the various radicals/segments in each Chinese word using bright colours. This helps your child to recognise the words 25% faster compared to any other programs in the market place. Besides, each lesson duration is designed to be short (less than 5 mins). Every lesson is followed by a cheery children Chinese song or fun music to captivate your child's attention.

Includes topics such as: 动作/Action, 动物/Animals, 颜色/Colours, 花类/Flowers, 交通工具/Modes of Transport, 我的家My Family, 数字/Numbers, 片语/Descriptive Phrases, 我在。。。/I am..., 我会。。。/I can..., 自我介绍/Self-Introduction, and many more

Running Time/DVD: 40-50 minutes

Lesson on 动物 / Animals in Simplified Chinese (Level 1)

Lesson on 动物 / Animals in Traditional Chinese (Level 1)

Lesson on 反义词 / Opposites in Simplified Chinese (Level 5)

Lesson on 反义词 / Opposites in Traditional Chinese (Level 5)

Lesson on 自我介绍 / Self-Introduction in Simplified Chinese (Level 5)

Lesson on 自我介绍 / Self-Introduction in Traditional Chinese (Level 5)

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