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看图作文大飞跃 A to A* by Mind Stretcher



对写作缺乏信心? 看得懂题目,却不知道该从哪里下笔? 还是想得高分,却不得要领? 如果有这些问题,《看图作文大飞跃 A to A★》可以帮助 你。 这本书能帮助同学们快速掌握审题和构思作文的方法。

我们精心设计了“A 级作文”和“A ★佳作”的比较解析, 帮助同学们按照老师的指导为自己的作文“加料”,完成 一篇 “A ★佳作” 。 这本书由资深老师命题,亲笔点拨思路,撰写范文,是学 汇乐团队继《A ★作文深度解析》之后的又一力作。 《看图作文大飞跃 A to A★》是最简明易懂、最有效、最 实用的小学生作文参考书,帮助同学们实现写作水平的 “大飞跃”!


About the Book

Lack of confidence when it comes to writing compositions?
Understand the question, but do not know how to craft a good piece of composition?
Do you want to improve your composition score from A to A*?

If you are looking for an excellent and easy solution to these questions, “PSLE Chinese A to A* Model Compositions [看图作文大飞跃 A to A* (P5&P6)]” is the guidebook for you.

This comprehensive book includes proven question analysis techniques & writing strategies to help students score in PSLE Chinese Composition. In addition, this book acts as a step-by-step guide for students to craft good compositions, moving from an A to A* grade. Compiled, edited and annotated by our team of 学汇乐 Chinese Curriculum Specialists, “PSLE Chinese A to A* Model Compositions [看图作文大飞跃 A to A* (P5&P6)]” is the second book published after our best-selling “Best A* Model Compositions Book (P5 & P6) Chinese [A*作文深度 解析]”


“PSLE Chinese A to A* Model Compositions [看图作文大飞跃 A to A* (P5&P6)]” is the simplest and most effective book a student needs to excel in their Chinese Compositions!



  • 十五篇作文详细分,提醒, A*范文
  • 看懂图片:图片大意 , 问题引路
  • 准备写作:写作技巧- 心里描写, 动作描写,环境描写, 加分妙语
  • 文章写作:作文开头,故事高潮,结尾
  • 写作技巧100例
  • 加分妙语200条

Key highlights :

  • 15 compositions broken down by segments and A* model compositions
  • Understanding Question: Meaning of pictures, guiding questions
  • Preparation: Express feelings, describing actions and environment , bonus vocabulary
  • Writing: Introduction, climax, ending
  • 100 sample writing techniques
  • 200 bonus vocabulary

Suitable for P5 & P6 students


 ISBN: 9789811154959

No. of pages: 128

ISBN 9789811154959
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