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Score A* in Singapore Mathematics Problem Sums Level 4


Score A* in Singapore Mathematics Problem Sums (Level 4) – used to solve the entire range of challenging and difficult problem sums faced by students in primary schools today. The books include plenty of examples and exercises to help reinforce students’ proficiency in applying each of the strategies. Detailed solutions are also included to explain each of the steps carefully.


The strategies introduced in this book are specific skill-based methods in nature and will definitely help students score better in their problem sums, thereby enabling them to excel in their tests and examinations.


The book emphasizes the need for learning each of the strategies for different types of problem sums and some features to facilitate this learning have been incorporated to reduce the students’ cognitive load on unimportant information, while helping them focus their attention solely on the more important ones (numerical quantities, what are known, what are unknown) that they need to find, so that they can grasp each of the strategies more rapidly.

  • Long and difficult names, as well as the wide variation of names, have been omitted, with most of the subjects simply referred to as “A”, “B”, “C”, etc.
  • Wide variation of objects has been omitted, with most of the objects simply referred to as “Cookies (Big / Small / Chocolate / Strawberry)”, “Boxes”, etc.
  • Each step of the solutions is diligently labelled to help students understand the rationale pertaining to that step and what is intended to be found


Author: Sky Tan (Tan Jianhua)

ISBN : 9789814754743

Number of pages: 296

ISBN - 9789814754743
No. of Pages - 296
Author Sky Tan (Tan Jianhua)
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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