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Zoom In Phrasal Verbs for Primary 3-6


Zoom In Phrasal Verbs for Primary 3-6

Phrasal verbs are a basic and very important part of everyday English vocabulary. In order to understand, speak, read and write correct English, it is important to learn and master the use of phrasal verbs. There are hundreds of English phrasal verbs and their meanings cannot always be deduced from the meanings of the original verbs themselves. This is because phrasal verbs may have a literal and/or an idiiomatic meaning. Additionally, many phrasal verbs have more than one meaning. This can be frustrating for students.

We have listed in Zoom In Phrasal Verbs those that, in our experience, are the most useful for classroom use in Singapore primary schools. The phrasal verbs are listed in alphabetical order so each one is easy to find. The meaning(s) of each phrasal verb is/are explained, and examples of their use are given. 

We strongly recommend this book as an indispensable guide for this difficult, but important aspect of English grammar. 


ISBN: 9789814564700

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Author: Agnes Ng and Jemmies Siew


ISBN CP 9789814564700
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