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Sec 1 English Practice Papers



ISBN: 9789814148873

Secondary 1 English Practice Papers
This book provide the foundations and reinforce the fundatmentals of English Language for Secondary 1 students as they aim to take the use of the English Language to higher level. Each paper is divided into 3 section: Grammar and Vocabulary, Comprehension and Editing of Passages.

  • The Grammar and Vocabulary: This section focuses in various areas including correct use of verbs, formation of adverbs and adjectives and use of conjectives. The MCQ sections provide a more structured and guided approach for students to find the correct answer within a set number of options.  The intention is for students to use these MCQs as a springboard and platform to further the use of grammar and vocabulary in that appropriate context.
  • The Editing of Passage: This section provides a more open-ended approach to ensuring the correct use of the English Language. It aims to provide students with a framework for creating short passages or essays later on in their educational journey.
  • The Comprehension Section aims to encourage students to read more, understand and appreciate short English passages. This will ultimately generate more interest in reading outside textbooks and educational materials.
ISBN CP 9789814148873
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