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The Essential Chinese Composition Guidebook For Primary Students 作文好帮手 好词好句


This guidebook consists of comprehensive and guided chinese essay writing tips and more than 60 model essays. The model essays are thematically classified, including focused essays to hone essay writing skills specific to describe people, settings and emotions.

同学们在写命题作文时,最重要的是要先了解题目对文章所作的限制和提出的要求,然后再根据题意,写出一篇不偏题,不离题的作文。本出版社精心编写《小学生作文好帮手 — 命题作文》,目的就是引导同学们,如何写出一篇通顺的文章。


ISBN - 9789811127465

Number of Pages - 183

ISBN - 9789811127465
No. of Pages - 183
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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